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About Us

Our Primary Goal Is Pig Owner Education

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Originally started in 1998, was a pot bellied pig home page named Dottie's Den. Although just a couple of pages at first, the site continued to grow and thrive, attracting more and more visitors. As we added more information and pictures, requests for yet more information and pictures kept coming in. A never-ending circle. We are happy to bring this information to the world's animal lovers, and pot-bellied pig lovers in particular. Additionally, we have incorporated our Healthy Pigs Store for your convenience!

Mission Statement

Our mission is three-fold:

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  1. To offer you the latest, most up-to-date, accurate and honest information we can find on pot belly pig and pet pig care, and the healthy upbringing of pet pigs. We will do this through information on the web site, our blog and Facebook. There is a lot of bad information floating around, particularly from unscrupulous breeders, and we will do our part to combat this.
  2. To share pictures (including funny pictures of pigs) and stories showing the joy and happiness that these wonderful animals bring us. We already have hundreds of pictures of pet pigs from around the world, and we will continue to expand our pig 'Pigture' gallery. We want to show that pet pigs are God's creations too, deserving of the same respect and love that all of us expect.
  3. By giving a portion of our profits from the sales from our store, we will be able to do our small part in supporting animal rescue centers, pet pig rescue centers, and sanctuaries throughout the United States.

Your help and support is greatly appreciated.

Pigs are where it's at.

ALL pet pigs should be spayed or neutered before sold. They should be at least 6-8 weeks of age and weaned from mom.

PLEASE do your homework before getting a pig for a pet. Make sure that you are zoned for pigs as pets. Is there a vet in your area that will see mini pigs?

Please make sure that you're ready to commit to this pet for the next 12-15 plus years. The truth is that the potbellied pig is only a good pet for those who take commitment and responsible pet ownership very seriously.


"Potbelly pigs are not products you just throw away when you get bored or become overwhelmed. They are intelligent, caring creatures who depend on you for their survival.

PLEASE: Do your homework BEFORE getting one. Don't be stubborn or worse, ignorant. Know the facts before you get into unexpected problems."

Richard Slayton
Proud Pot Belly Pig Dad.
Animal Poison Control

The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center is your best resource for any poison-related emergency, 24/7, 365. If you think your pet may have ingested a potentially poisonous substance, call 888.426.4435. A $65 per case fee may apply.